Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Thoughts

  • A couple of weeks ago we started a ladies Bible study called "Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free". If you have not done this study, run don't walk to your bookstore and pick this up.  This is a quote from the study that I just love,  "Put together all the tenderest love you know of, the deepest you have ever felt, and the strongest that has ever been poured out upon you, and heap upon it all the love of all the loving human hearts in the world, and then multiply it by infinity, and you will begin, perhaps, to have some faint glimpse of what the love of God is." -Hannah Whitall Smith.
  • I started working full-time last week as an Equipment Buyer for the company my husband works for and I love it! 
  • My house is a mess. We moved in 7 months ago and we used my hubby's office as a storage facilty for all the boxes that we didn't want to go through. Well, this past weekend we decided that it was time to clean up the office and clean out the boxes, so we got to work and pulled everything out and into the living room. Well, that is still were everything is and we have ladies Bible study here tomorrow night! And of course, instead of cleaning it up, I am sitting here writing ya'll about it! I think I need to call AshLee from the Bachelor and see if you she can come help!
  • Speaking of the Bachelor, that show is my guilty pleasure! This season has been the best so far and I am sad that it is almost over. Of course, me being me, I looked to see who was going to win this season while watching the first episode!!! I won't spoil it for anyone but I sure wished I had just waited like everyone else to see who Sean is going to pick. Also, I so cannot wait to see who the letter is from that Sean receives in the finale. I follow Sean's sister Shay on twitter and I also follow her blog-yall should too,she is amazing: Mix and Match Mama and while you are at it, follow her best friend Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To- she is hilarious, especially when recapping what happened on the Bachelor!!!
I hope ya'll have a great week! 

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ae said...

I am glad you are liking your new job! I have never been able to get into The Bachelor.