Thursday, September 30, 2010

Capturing the Past

Lately I have been spending more and more time outside, enjoying the lovely weather and snapping away on my new camera! If I could go back in time, I definitely would have thought about my college major choice more! An Associates Degree in Photography sounds much more appealing right now than the Associates Degree in Medical Office Technology! Oh well, maybe in the future I can take some photography classes, but as for right now, I will continue to take memory cards full of pictures and learn as much as I can from others! I can't begin to explain the thrill of seeing your little snapshots of the past when it loads on the computer screen! I just hope that someday, my photographs will bring someone else as much joy as they bring me!!

I invite everyone to take a look at my brand new photography portfolio and let me know what you think! Honest opinions here:)

*all the picture you see are for sale,  message me if you see one you are interested in!


~KS said...

I always wished I had learned to be a photographer. I suppose there's still time to make that happen.

Happy weekend!!

ae said...

Seriously great pics!

I have also second guessed my major at times. Photography is SO much more fun than business;) But that is the good thing about photography you can always pick up a class here and there.

Sandra said...

Hey, I like your photos. Really like the hay bales! Have a great evening!

BrentandMarianne said...

Tara, your photography is beautiful! You should think about doing some postcards or calendars. I love the tree in winter.